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About Us

Alternergy is a Philippine pioneer in renewable energy. With a proven track record of developing, building, and operating groundbreaking renewable power projects in the country, we strive to create a more sustainable future for the next generation. Alternergy takes a Quadruple Bottom Line approach that prioritizes profitability, carbon reduction, host community benefits, and employee fulfillment.

We bring development partners into projects as soon as possible, and we leverage our wind, mini-hydro, and solar (in partnership with Solar Pacific) businesses to bring to life a portfolio of projects aimed at altering the renewable energy landscape in the Philippines.


In addition to establishing offtake agreements through bilateral partnerships and Feed-in-Tariff agreements, Alternergy gives consumers direct access to choose renewable electricity via GESSI, a Retail Energy Supply business that allows green-conscious consumers the opportunity to directly buy renewable electricity.

Alternergy at a Glance

Renewable energy pioneer in the Philippines since 2008

Operating assets


Projects under construction


Projects in



Poised to become a leading renewable energy firm in the country

Diversified “Triple Play” portfolio of investee companies in wind, solar, hydro, offshore wind, and battery storage

Total capacity of operating assets


Total capacity of projects under construction


Total capacity of projects in pre-development in the next three years


Total capacity in the next three years


The Three P’s of Alternergy


Alternergy is a company of ‘firsts’, driven to establish new precedents that drive the development of clean energy in the Philippines. We seek out opportunities to tread new paths that lead to positive long-term change for the industry.


Alternergy’s history includes an extensive list of ‘firsts’. Select examples include: 

  • Bangui Bay, a 33MW commercial wind farm in North Luzon – the first in Southeast Asia. As part of NorthWind, several of Alternergy’s founding partners were involved in the development of Bangui Bay.

  • Awarded some of the first contracts from the Department of Energy for wind power.

  • First non-recourse project financing for wind and solar project with local banks.


Across Alternergy’s portfolio of projects, we demonstrate proven capability to deliver in a well-planned and cost-effective way. From securing power supply agreements with local utilities and private commercial customers, to working effectively with permitting agencies, we have shown creativity and resilience on the way to achieving our goals. 


Alternergy takes pride in its ability to meet even the most ambitious of construction deadlines – prudently setting aside contingencies in plant construction, handling importation and transport logistics of equipment, and reliably managing sites once they are in operation – all while adhering to health, safety and environment protection best practices.


We see our work through the lens of partnerships: We find the people and organizations who will complement our efforts and support our vision to make the Philippines a leader in clean energy. Communities, government agencies, lenders, co-investors, corporates, and local utilities come together to build projects that will impact the country’s energy future.

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