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Our Competitive Strengths

We have established competitive strengths that result in our success in project development and execution, and ability to acquire new opportunities for growth.

  • Alternergy has a well-defined and committed strategic focus on renewable power generation as our core business given our robust renewable energy project pipeline in the Philippines and the Pacific islands.

  • We were one of the first movers in renewable energy in the Philippines, particularly in wind projects where we obtained one of the earliest wind service contracts way back in 2008 and undertook technical studies for wind sites in Luzon.

  • We are one of a few RE developers with a diversified renewable energy portfolio that covers solar, wind, and run-of-river hydro and battery storage plants. This allows for a diversified mix of complementary power generation revenues.

  • Our operating renewable projects were able to avail long term power sale agreements comparable to Feed-in-Tariff rates that have allowed our projects to be financially viable and attractive.

  • Our key customers are high-quality off-take institutions like TransCo, high credit-rated private distribution utilities, credit-worthy electric cooperatives, and key commercial customers.

  • Our senior management have been involved in both the public and private sector relative to energy development as well as policy development and implementation.

  • Our management team is comprised of professionals with a diverse but complementary background and expertise in policy, engineering and project management and implementation, finance, law, sustainability and regulatory compliance for renewable projects.

  • Our senior management maintains proactive engagement with energy policy through active participation and leadership in private sector renewable industry associations.

  • We have established working relationships with key officials of relevant government agencies of the DOE, DAR, DENR, DILG, DPWH, BOI, CAAP, NCIP, NWRB and our respective host LGUs where our projects are located.

  • Our pioneering debt experience, particularly in project finance, has provided access to competitive financing terms from a variety of domestic lenders and supranational lenders.


  • Our project pipeline in wind, solar and run-of river hydro assures us of continued growth in the coming years.

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