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Investor Relations

Our Investor Relations Program aims to ensure accurate and timely communication of disclosable information, financial and operational performance, and strategic direction related to our Company to our investing public, analysts, fund managers, partners, media, and financial institutions.

Our aim is to build long-standing and trusted relationships with our stakeholders, as we execute our growth strategy to create lasting value for our stakeholders. We are committed to transparent communications to provide our investors and stakeholders with the relevant information they need to make their investment decisions and track our Company’s operational
and financial performance.

Part of our Investor Relations Program is to institutionalize platforms and activities that will allow our current and future investors to gain access to the Investor Relations Office of the Company, keeping them abreast with our Company’s latest updates.

We aim to communicate effectively with our shareholders and stakeholders through the following:

• Corporate Disclosures;
• Press Releases;
• Annual Stockholders Meeting;
• Quarterly Results Briefings;
• Conference and Non-deal Roadshows; and
• Corporate Website

Through our website,, retail and institutional investors may find relevant disclosed information and materials that our Investor Relations Office will regularly review and maintain. Once listed, the Company will comply with the reportorial requirements of the SEC and the PSE, which will also be posted on our Company’s official website.

Our Investor Relations Office is headed by an Investor Relations Officer (IRO). Our IRO is responsible for ensuring that our Company’s shareholders have timely and uniform access to official announcements, disclosures, and market-sensitive information relating to the Company.

As the officially designated spokesperson, our IRO is responsible for receiving and responding to investor and shareholder queries. In addition, our IRO oversees most aspects of the Company’s shareholder meetings, press conferences, investor briefings, non-deal roadshows, one-on-one or group meetings, conference calls, management of the investor relations portion f our website, and the preparation of our annual reports. Our IRO is responsible for conveying information such as the Company’s policy on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, as well as other qualitative aspects of our operations and performance.


Our Investor Relations Office is located at the principal office of the Company, with contact details as follows:

Company email:
Contact Numbers: +632 7759 4327
IRO email:

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