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Working at Alternergy means making an impact on the future of clean energy in the Philippines and beyond. We invite you to join us in our mission to serve as a Philippines renewable power pioneer. Alternergy’s Quadruple Bottom Line Philosophy  means you’ll be part of a company that prioritizes its people alongside profitablility, carbon reduction, and host community benefits.

Our team has a depth of experience across all stages of the development process. We’re a dynamic group that prides itself on setting the precedents that will lead to the proliferation of renewable energy in the Philippines. 

Alternergy’s company culture is marked by warmth, collaboration, and giving back. We’re committed to giving team members purpose and autonomy, and we’re intentional about celebrating success. Joining Alternergy means being a part of a family-like, nurturing team that’s making real progress toward changing the renewable energy landscape. 

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Business Development and Technical

● Business Development Manager
● Project Manager
● Energy Resource Manager
● Transmission & Electrical Systems Manager/Engineer
● Project Engineer
● Geodetic Engineer
● Project Development Officer


● Finance Manager
● Corporate Services and Office Manager
● Human Resources Manager
● Environment, Social Governance & CSR Manager
● Permitting and Regulatory Officer
● Community Relations Officer
● Executive Secretary
● Corporate Legal Counsel
● Accountant
● Administrative Coordinator
● Company Driver

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