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ERC limits new wind FIT rate to 3 projects

MANILA, Philippines - The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has limited the new feed-in tariff (FIT) rate for the next batch of wind projects to three companies.

The power regulator issued a decision limiting the entitlement of FIT rate for wind (Wind FIT2) to three projects, namely the 54 megawatts (MW) San Lorenzo project of Trans-Asia Renewable Energy Corp., the 36-MW Nabas wind energy project of PetroWind Energy Inc. and the 54-MW Pilila wind project of Alternergy Wind One Corp.

“Thus, mindful of the impact that the changes in the installation targets of renewable energy generation would have on the feed-in tariff allowance (FIT-All) that is collected from all on-grid connected consumers, the commission hereby limits the entitlement of WIND FIT2 to the three wind power projects, which have commenced commercial operations as certified by the DOE,” the order said.

The ERC approved during its Oct. 6 meeting a Wind FIT2 of P7.40 per kilowatt hour (kwh), lower by P1.13 from the original rate of P8.53 per kwh and slightly lower than the proposed tariff of P7.93 per kwh.

These projects, with a total capacity of 144 MW, add up to the earlier projects with a consolidated capacity of 249.9 MW cleared to receive the FIT rate in the first round.

In that round, the projects entitled to FIT are the 18.9-MW expansion of the Bangui wind power project of Northwind Power Development Corp., the 150-MW, two-phased Burgos wind project of EDC Burgos Wind Power Corp., and the 81-MW Caparispisan wind project of Northern Luzon UPC Asia Corp. These projects have a total capacity of 249.9 MW.

In April this year, the DOE issued a certification increasing the FIT installation target for wind from 200 MW in the first round to another 200 MW in the second to 400 MW in total.

It also clarified excess installation of the renewable energy project shall be considered eligible to receive incentives.

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