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Renewable energy firm launches floating solar power farm in Rizal

MANILA - Sustainable energy firm Winnergy Holdings Corp on Friday said it inaugurated its pilot floating solar power farm in Baras, Rizal on Thursday, intended to supply the town with free and clean energy.

The 10kWp project, designed to last for 25 years, utilizes solar panels on top of water to generate enough energy to power the Kasarinlan Park in Baras, Winnergy President Janina Bonoan told ABS-CBN News.

A connecting station was also built allowing residents to use the power generated for charging gadgets, powering sound systems and lighting up the river, she said. “The purpose of undertaking the pilot is to demonstrate the technical feasibility of floating solar technology in the country and, more specifically, on Laguna Lake, Bonoan said. “The pilot also forms part and paves the way for the development of a much larger and commercially-viable project, also being developed by Winnergy,” she added.

Compared to traditional solar power facilities, floating farms are “technically more efficient” since no agricultural forest lands are disrupted.

It also reduces water evaporation and the proliferation of algae so marine life can flourish, Bonoan said, adding that the surrounding water makes the panels produce more energy. As an archipelago with inland and offshore bodies of water, the Philippines has a huge potential for floating solar farms, she said.

Bonoan said this technology could also make use of lakes created by abandoned open-pit mining by deploying solar panels on top of it.

Meanwhile, conglomerates such as the Aboitiz Group, Ayala Group and San Miguel Corp also have interests in renewables.

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