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Solar IPP on track to be completed by April 2023

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

December 27, 2022 | Island Times Palau

Palau’s IPP (Independent Power Producer) Solar/Battery project’s construction phase will be completed by April 2023.

Solar Pacific Energy Corporation won the bid to be the first Independent Power Producer to provide solar energy power to Palau Public Utilities Corporation.

The project, when completed, will provide 15.3 (MW) of solar and 12.9 megawatt-hour of battery energy storage.

Vince Perez, Alternergy and Solar Pacific chairman, expressed appreciation for the strong partnership between Solar Pacific and Palau, noting that they have done everything they could to comply with Palau’s strict environmental policy, including choosing solar panels that fit Palau’s desire for minimal earth disturbance and protection of its endemic species.

“This solar/battery energy project, when completed, will produce pristine power perfect for pristine Palau,” added Mr. Perez, Chairman of Solar Pacific.

Export Finance Australia, through the AIFFP, partially funds $22 million for the project. Earlier this year, Senate refused to approve a resolution waiving its sovereign immunity, saying that the project is between the contractor and a third party and should not require Palau’s waiver.

Despite failing to gain the Senate resolution approval, the project proceeded as planned, beginning construction in April of this year.

The IPP will build and operate a 20MW solar generation facility and sell power to PPUC for an agreed price and terms as negotiated in the Power Purchase Agreement.

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