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Alternergy awards Envision Energy to supply 162 MW wind turbines for its Alabat and Tanay wind projects

Alternergy and Envision: Powering the Philippines with next generation wind turbines. Alternergy and Envision sign contract for the supply of wind turbines for the Alabat and Tanay Wind Projects. From left: Gerry Magbanua, president of Alternergy Holdings Corp.; Loh Chou De, Senior Account Manager at Envision Energy; Jin Tao, Regional Director of Asia-Pacific Markets at Envision Energy; Knud Hedeager, Alternergy Wind Holdings Corporation President, and Vicente Pérez, Alternergy Holdings Corporation Chairman

Renewable energy pioneer Alternergy Holdings Corporation (Alternergy) today awarded Envision Energy (Envision), a global leader in green technology, for the supply of 162 MW next generation wind turbines for the Alabat and Tanay Wind Power Projects, both in the Luzon region.


The Turbine Supply contract entails the design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery of wind turbine generators (WTGs), a combination of 6.5 MW and 8 MW rated capacity, and includes a 10-year service and maintenance agreement.


The Tanay Wind Project is Alternergy’s third wind project in Rizal Province, while the Alabat Wind Project is its first wind project in Quezon Province. Both projects are expected to be ready for operation by the end of 2025, as part of Alternergy’s accelerated project pipeline.


“Envision Energy was selected after a very thorough and rigorous tender process and due diligence. Our partnership with Envision, a leader in wind technology, will bring cutting-edge innovation to ensure optimal energy generation of Alternergy’s next wind projects,” said Knud Hedeager, president of Alternergy Wind Holdings Corporation, Alternergy sub-holding company for its wind portfolio.


“Alternergy’s pioneering efforts will again be demonstrated as we join forces with Envision, to use state-of-the-art solutions to achieve high performance and reliability of the wind turbines, and once installed, will be the largest wind turbines in the country,” Gerry Magbanua, president of Alternergy Holdings Corporation.


John Lee, General Manager of Asia & Africa Markets at Envision Energy, added: “We are excited to collaborate with Alternergy, the wind pioneer in the Philippines, for their next Alabat and Tanay Wind Power Projects. These are new groundbreaking projects for us in the Philippine market. We are deploying innovative technologies to the WTGs for the Alabat and Tanay wind projects that are specifically selected and designed to suit the wind climatic conditions in these areas and have received certifications from international and reputable accreditation bodies. The partnership is aimed to positively impact and contribute to the Philippines' goal of accelerated energy transition and to fulfill Envision’s mission of helping solve the challenges for a sustainable future across the globe.”


Envision is one of the world’s top wind turbine suppliers, leading the development and transition of the wind power industry. Envision’s wind turbines were among the first “intelligent” turbines and are equipped with sensors to monitor and optimize their performance, reliability, and efficiency. Through technological innovation, Envision continues to increase the utilization efficiency of wind power and to reduce the cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WTGS, facilitating the adjustment of energy structure, industrial upgrading, and the realization of carbon peak and neutrality goals across the globe, and bringing sufficient, low-cost and safe clean energy to people's lives.


Alternergy’s Tanay and Alabat Wind Power Projects are awardees of the 2nd Green Energy Auction 2 Program of the Department of Energy. Construction of the projects is targeted to commence by the 2nd quarter of the year.   



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