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Kiangan Mini Hydropower Project Construction in Full Swing

Kiangan Mini Hydro Corporation (KMHC) today announced, in simple groundbreaking ceremony, that the Run-of-River Hydropower Project (“the Kiangan Project”) has entered the construction phase.

“Now, with this groundbreaking ceremony, we are fully mobilizing our resources to realize the Kiangan Project. As of today , there are more than 100 local people who have been employed by the Kiangan Project. Bulk of our current workers are local people. Our contractors will need more workforce, about 500 additional manpower will be employed to help in the construction and development of the Kiangan Project,” Eduardo M. Miranda, KMHC Chairman and President said.

Mr. Miranda expressed appreciation to the Province of Ifugao and its people for the strong support extended to the Kiangan Project during the pre-development phase, specially during the process of securing Free and Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) from the Ifugao’s indigenous cultural communities. “Our Kiangan Project has been through a lot of challenges, and you have remained supportive throughout all these challenges. Your vigilant participation and support drove us to further improve on the design and implementation of the project and we appreciate that from everyone.”

The Kiangan Project will adhere to the principles of ecologically sustainable development as well as health, safety and over-all well-being of the Ifugao people.

Upon completion of construction, the Kiangan Project is expected to provide new and improved access to clean energy for more than 230,000 people and create long-term employment opportunities for the local community. The Kiangan Project will also be one of the biggest investment projects in Ifugao and will bring additional revenues to the province through taxes, royalties and tourism activities.

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