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Project Highlights

  • Huge potential that could transform Mindoro into a renewable energy exporter to Luzon grid

  • Alternergy is supporting the Batangas Mindoro Interconnection Project across Verde Passage



The municipality of Abra de Ilog in Occidental Mindoro is home to a network of interwoven rivers and creeks that neatly divide the area into several distinct zones. Perhaps it was because of these waters that the place got its name, from the Spanish abrir – to open – and the Tagalog ilog, creating a name that literally means “opening of the river”.


The town’s seabound streams, proximity to the coast and its steady monsoon winds make it the ideal site for Abra de Ilog Wind Power Corporation’s Wind Project. This project was conceptualized in anticipation of the proposed installation of a 25-kilometer-long submarine cable across the Verde Passage. This will entail 44-kilometer overhead lines, cable terminal stations, and switching stations from Mindoro to Batangas. When put together, this could potentially transform Mindoro into an exporter of renewable power to the Luzon grid.


In 2008, the Department of Energy awarded a Wind Energy Service Contract to Alternergy for the sole purpose of spearheading the Abra de Ilog Wind Project.


Solid Partnerships


All Alternergy projects deeply involve engagement with their host communities. After several consultation with village authorities and local government units, AAWC has obtained the endorsements from the Sangguniang Barangay of Wawa, Sangguniang Bayan of Abra de Ilog, and Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Occidental Mindoro.


In 2010, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) partly financed the feasibility study of the Abra de Ilog Wind Project. GL Garrad Hassan, the world’s leading renewable energy consultancy, conducted the feasibility study. A nearby fault required an assessment by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS), and AAWC obtained the PHIVOLCS Certification of the nearby fault.


As part of ADB’s technical assistance to the Abra de Ilog Wind Project, Geosphere Technologies performed a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment, including a Migratory Bird Survey. The Geological Assessment report by Geosphere concluded that there are feasible soil foundation conditions on the project site.


Building Bridges to Tomorrow

Since the Abra de Ilog Wind Project is highly dependent on the completion of the Batangas Mindoro Interconnection Project (BMIP), Alternergy is supporting its accelerated development. This effort is alongside several members of Congress from Mindoro, who have filed House Resolution No. 726 urging the National Transmission Corporation to double its efforts with BMIP. Once BMIP is completed, progress will resume on the Abra de Ilog Wind Project, making Mindoro a major renewable energy exporter to the Luzon grid.

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