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Project Highlights

  • Support traditional ways of life of Dumagat Indigenous Peoples along Dupinga River

  • Partnership with Markham Resources

  • Green energy supply to Nueva Ecija II Area 2 Electric Cooperative




The cool, crystal clear Dupinga River tumbles down from the craggy peaks of the Sierra Madre, down into the riverbanks of Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija. These refreshing waters provide livelihood to the indigenous Katutubong Dumagat who have led traditional lives guided by nature. This practice continues today with their riverside picnic shacks for local tourists as they adapt to modern living. 


The Dupinga run-of-river hydro project of Dupinga Mini Hydro Corporation (DMHC) will generate 4.6 MW of power to local communities, with an annual energy projection of 22.04 GWh. DMHC was awarded with an exclusive Hydro Service Contract by the Philippine Department of Energy in 2017 to develop the renewable resource of the Dupinga River. Once completed, the project will provide almost 15 percent of the electricity for nearby settlements serviced by the Nueva Ecija II Area 2 Electric Cooperative (NEECO2 Area2). 


We All Rise Together


The endorsement of the host communities is core to every Alternergy project. After receiving the green light from the the Sangguniang Bayan of Gabaldon, and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Nueva Ecija, we began our work of creating a project where everyone wins. 


Alternergy understands the importance of the Dupinga River to the local people. We consulted with community leaders, teachers, residents and the parish, learning about the Dupinga River and their ways of life. Together with the Dumagats Indigenous Cultural Communities and the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, Alternergy is committed to preserving and uplifting the indigenous communities – whether by maintaining the Dupinga watershed or by providing local employment. During construction, the project employs 74 workers including 36 Katutubong Dumagat. A portion of Dupinga project’s gross income will be set aside for the development of the Gabaldon municipality and the two host villages of Malinao and Ligaya, as well as for the nearby villages of Tagumpay, Bagong Sikat, Calabasa, and Bagting.


The Right Partners


Thanks to our equity partner Markham Resources Corporation, a hydro and wind developer, the Dupinga run-of-river hydro project is proceeding smoothly. The Civil Works Contract was awarded to the consortium of United Hydro Power Builders, BS Ligsay Engineering, and AIP Construction. The water turbines will be delivered by Gugler Water Turbines of Austria. Petco Renergy Corporation will assist in the turbine installation as the project’s electro-mechanical onshore supplier. 

The Dupinga run-of-river hydro project has been carefully designed to meticulously follow and imitate the natural slopes and pitches of the hilly surroundings.


The Development Bank of the Philippines extended a PHP 660 million loan to support this project that would bring economic development to the remote foothills of the Sierra Madre. 


NEECO2 Area 2, a AAA credit-rated Electric Cooperative, signed a Power Supply Agreement (PSA) with DMHC in April 2022. As an Embedded Renewable Energy Generator, DMHC’s PSA will bring savings to NEECO2 Area 2 from 12% VAT, transmission wheeling charges, transmission losses, and will allow the electric coop to comply with its Renewable Portfolio Standards commitment. 


To ensure the safety and stability of the site, three geotechnical and geohazard surveys were undertaken by Metro Construction, Oremet Construction, and GHD Pty of Australia. PacificTech Solutions conducted the hydrological review to validate the hydro resource of Dupinga river. The Dupinga run-of-river hydro project has been carefully designed to meticulously follow and imitate the natural slopes and pitches of the hilly surroundings to preserve the natural beauty and appeal of the surroundings. 

LocationPlan Hydro Dupinga.jpg


Equivalent in Kilowatt Hours (Average Monthly Generation): 22,040 MWh/year at 54.7% Net Capacity Factor (1,836,667 kWh average monthly generation)


Equivalent Number of

Households to be Electrified: 

14,932 households


Employment during Construction (Including Local Employment):

74 (including 36 are Katutubong Dumagat)


Equivalent Number of Tons of

Carbon Emissions Reduction:

10,510 tCO2e

Community Impact


DMHC helps Katutubong Dumagats job applicants secure necessary employment documents to ensure getting hired by the Dupinga project. Local farmers are encouraged to plant kakawate (madre de cacao) trees to reap economical and environmental benefits. Dupinga Project supplied construction materials for the proposed Entertainment Hub Area of the Gabaldon Municipality. 


DMHC’s “Kaagapay sa Komunidad” initiative built new community e-learning centers where teachers and students can access the internet to further their online education during the COVID-19 pandemic. DMHC donated ink, bond papers, Wi-Fi routers and printing materials to 25 schools in Gabaldon for printing of Self-Learning Modules during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, DMHC donated Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines, thermal scanners, vitamins, alcohol and sanitizers to hospitals and clinics in the municipality of Gabaldon.Sacks of rice were also given to the host Dumagats Indigenous Cultural Communities. 


DMHC donated 6 truckloads of garden soil to Gabaldon municipality in support their tree planting activity.

Disaster Relief