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Project Highlights

  • New green energy supply to fuel development of progressive Hermosa Bataan region

  • Strategic location only 350m tapping point to national grid and local electric cooperative

  • Unique offtake arrangements with two power offtakers under long term contracts



The town of Hermosa, Bataan was once a sleepy hamlet known for its white flowers, giving it the name “llana hermosa”, or “beautiful plain”. Today, Hermosa is gearing up to be a modern, progressive region with the creation of the Subic Hermosa Cybercity Special Economic Zone dedicated to infotech, electronics manufacturing, and multimedia. To energize Hermosa’s development, Alternergy’s Solar Pacific has developed a 28 MWdc (20 MWac) Solana Solar Project under the project company Solana Solar Alpha Inc. (SSAI).


Ideal Location for Interconnection


Solana Solar Project site of 30 hectares is strategically located merely 350 meters adjacent to the Hermosa substation of National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP). With all Rights of Way agreements having been signed, SSAI has signed a Connection Agreement to interconnect to the NGCP grid network. 


Since the 69kv distribution line of Peninsula Electric Cooperative (PENELCO) traverses through the project site, Solana Solar Project can easily cut-in PENELCO’s distribution network and operate as an Embedded Renewable Energy Generator. 


Here Comes the Sun


Solana Solar is shovel-ready, with major permits obtained, critical technical feasibility and grid impact studies conducted, and an offtake agreement secured. SSAI has received the Solar Energy Operating Contract from DOE, Land Use Conversion Order from Department of Agrarian Reform, Environment Compliance Certificate from Department of Environment Natural Resources, Certificate of Non-Overlap from National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, registration from the Board of Investments, Point to Point Transmission Facilities Approval from Energy Regulatory Commission, and fully titled property owned by SSAI from the Land Registration Authority. SSAI has been welcomed with favorable endorsements from the Sangguniang Barangay of Balsik and the Sangguniang Bayan of Hermosa, respectively.

The Solana Solar project will fuel development in the progressive Hermosa region with clean, renewable energy. 


SSAI ran a competitive RFP process to select an Engineering Procurement and Construction provider, JGC Philippines, an experienced Japanese contractor. 


PENELCO, a AAA credit-rated Electric Cooperative, signed a 10MWac Power Supply Agreement (PSA) with SSAI in January 2022. As an Embedded Renewable Energy Generator, SSAI’s PSA will bring savings to PENELCO from 12% VAT, transmission wheeling charges, transmission losses, and will allow PENELCO to comply with its Renewable Portfolio Standards commitment. SSAI is also in negotiations for a second 10MWac PSA with another credit-worthy offtaker. 


As the main lender to other Solar Pacific’s projects, Rizal Commercial Banking Corp (RCBC) was mandated to provide Php 1 billion in debt financing. Once completed, the Solana Solar project will fuel development in the progressive Hermosa region with clean, renewable energy. 

LocationPlan Solar Solana.jpg


Equivalent in Kilowatt Hours (Average Monthly Generation):

40,000,000 kWh/year

(1,973,333 kWh/mo)


Equivalent Number of

Households to be Electrified: 

15,493 households [1]



Employment during Construction (Including Local Employment):

200 jobs


Equivalent Number of Tons of

Carbon Emissions Reduction:

27,344 tCO2e/year [2]


[1] From PENELCO monthly average: 2022: 4,430,252.30 kWh.

2020 Census, Balanga: 20,832

Ave. month HH consumption:213kwh

Formula: 3,300,000 kwh/m /213kwh/m/HH = 15,493 HH

[2] Based on DOE 2017 Grid Emission Factor for Luzon & Visayas, solar+wind: 0.6836

Formula: 40,000 * 0.6836 = 27,344 tCO2e/year

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