Project Highlights

  • Offshore wind site in windy passage between islands of Lubang and Mindoro

  • In partnership with a global energy company



Humanity has long harnessed the power of wind on the sea. From the refreshing coolness of the sea breeze to the seasonal monsoons that propelled the sailing ships of the 18th and 19th centuries, wind has always been a great asset and ally. These ocean winds drove daring explorers and adventurous merchants, and today, they serve to usher in a new age of clean energy.

Pililla AVPC Corporation (PACO), Alternergy’s wind power holding company, is co-developing an offshore wind (OSW) project in the Philippines. The chosen location is within the Calavite Passage, a wind-blown marine channel between Lubang Island and Calavite Point in Paluan, Occidental Mindoro.

Building A Solid Foundation

In November 2021, PACO submitted a Letter of Intent for an Offshore Wind Energy Service Contract (WESC) with the Department of Energy.  With PACO’s proven track record in developing the Pililla Rizal Wind Farm, the DOE pre-qualified and awarded PACO the WESC for the Calavite Passage, with a total marine area of 78,408 hectares and a potential energy output of up to 1,000MW.  The WESC was later assigned by PACO to a project company, Calavite Passage Wind Power Corporation.

In April 2022, PACO signed an exclusive non-binding Joint Development Term Sheet over the Calavite Passage service contract with the offshore wind subsidiary of a global energy company, with extensive interests in operational Offshore Wind (OSW) farms.  Once the transaction is finalized, the proposed partner of PACO will contribute its OSW construction technical capabilities, access to global OSW supply chain, as well as substantial financial contribution.

A Cleaner, Greener Tomorrow


The Philippines is a country blessed with a wealth of marine resources, and by leveraging the country’s archipelagic layout, Alternergy aims to usher in a new age of offshore wind power. In the coming decade, Alternergy’s Calavite Passage Offshore Wind Project will bring large-scale, renewable energy to the country and reduce its dependency on polluting fossil fuels.

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