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Project Highlights

  • Located on Luzon eastern seaboard facing prevailing northeast monsoon

  • Interconnection with Quezon 1 Electric Cooperative  


Project Site Faces Prevailing Northeast Monsoon


The Philippines is one of the most susceptible countries to destructive natural forces, particularly storms, with an average of 20 typhoons hitting the country every year. Yet, even in adversity, there is opportunity, and the Alabat Island Wind Power Project is Alternergy’s answer to leveraging the destructive power of nature for development and prosperity. 


Located on the eastern seaboard of Luzon Island, Alabat Island is part of Quezon Province – the very same province that houses the Sierra Madre mountain range, Luzon’s storm wall. By developing a wind project site that bravely faces the ever- prevailing northeast monsoon from the wind-swept Philippine Sea, Alabat Wind Power Corporation (AWPC) aims to turn a natural resource that is normally a cause for worry into a reliable source of clean energy. 


Laying the Groundwork


Alabat Island is known as a hidden gem with pristine waters, sweet coconuts, exquisite honey and plenty of seafood. AWPC therefore has been fastidious in securing the required permits and conducting the necessary studies before proceeding with the project. After securing the Wind Energy Service Contract in 2019, AWPC sought the endorsements of the three Alabat Island municipalities of Quezon, Alabat, and Perez, endorsements from host barangays within Alabat municipality as well as the endorsement of the Quezon Provincial Development Council.


AWPC installed a 80m tall met mast with clearances from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, and from National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP). Moving forward, AWPC will be conducting further technical studies and an Environmental Impact Assessment for Environmental Compliance Certificate as well as an Avian Impact Study. AWPC is also seeking a Certificate of Non-Overlap application from NCIP for its proposed turbine sites. 


The Alabat Island Wind Project will be connected to the power grid via the 69KV distribution system of Quezon 1 Electric Cooperative, located approximately eight kilometers from the project site. 


Creating Opportunities


The completion of the Alabat Wind Power Project will not only provide clean, green energy to the Quezon grid, but also serve as a catalyst for the future development of Alabat Island. 

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